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#3 Silver City

A visit to the Perry Sandhills, which are massive sand dunes that are the highest point in the Wentworth area. A great place to watch the sunrise, if it were not for the clouds.   Just a short drive today with only 3 hours up the Silver City Highway to Broken Hill. There ain’t much between the two towns, other than a road and a power line connecting the two. Although we did spot a few emus on the plains.   Broken Hill is interesting. Embedded with a rooted history in mining but yet still so lived in. We paid a visit to the Miners Lode. A memorial built on top of the old mining tailings pile which towers above town. Hosting spectacular views over Broken Hill and the Outback that lay beyond.   A heritage trail, that simply required walking around the block. Some old buildings, some new, some shabby, some dirty. I am not a town planner or and architect but Broken Hill has that very overused grid layout and it’s rather spread out. I reckon you could fit a tennis court across the width of t

#2 Diversion

  As I drew back the curtains I expected to see the sun gleaming onto the summit of The Rock. Instead, I saw white. The fog had settled. Not to hang around we set of enroute to Mungo to put a dent in our 6 hour journey.   After driving west for a few hours and navigating flood waters the fog hand kindly lifted. We stopped at Yanga national park for an explore and lunch. An interesting place next to a lake with an incredible homestead from the 1800s, it was stuck in time. It even had a tennis court.   We got out our new toy for its maiden voyage. The drone. I have a new found appreciation for drone operators, that thing is fiddly. We seem to make friends pretty quickly with an outback local: the Wedge Tail Eagle. He too was interested in our drone. With a bit of panic we aborted flight. So a maiden flight of 2 minutes. There’ll be more.   Balranold is the last town on the highway before the turn off to Mungo, dubbing itself the “gateway to Mungo”. We pulled into the Balranald Discovery

#1 And, we are off.

After a crisp winter weekend on the beaches catching up with friends and finalising bits for the van, we hit the road. Straight into Sydney Traffic. An anticlimax. With smooth navigating from Tess we whizzed through the suburbs of western Sydney and were soon on the Hume highway, Wagga Wagga bound.   We never intended to spend much time in Wagga, I have already spent enough time there. Working. For us, a pit stop. Top the van up with some juice and stock up on food. A quick tour of the town to show Tess a few points of interest.   It was evident that there has been plenty of rain in the Riverina region recently. Not just because the grass was so green but because there was water everywhere. The Wagga Wagga Beach was nowhere to be seen due to the Murrumbidgee River bursting its banks. Nonetheless, didn’t stop me having a sunbathe next to the river.   Our afternoon objective: The Rock, Kengal Aboriginal Place. The Matthorn of the Riverina area a short drive west of Wagga, and you can’t m