#2 Diversion

 As I drew back the curtains I expected to see the sun gleaming onto the summit of The Rock. Instead, I saw white. The fog had settled. Not to hang around we set of enroute to Mungo to put a dent in our 6 hour journey. 

After driving west for a few hours and navigating flood waters the fog hand kindly lifted. We stopped at Yanga national park for an explore and lunch. An interesting place next to a lake with an incredible homestead from the 1800s, it was stuck in time. It even had a tennis court. 

We got out our new toy for its maiden voyage. The drone. I have a new found appreciation for drone operators, that thing is fiddly. We seem to make friends pretty quickly with an outback local: the Wedge Tail Eagle. He too was interested in our drone. With a bit of panic we aborted flight. So a maiden flight of 2 minutes. There’ll be more. 

Balranold is the last town on the highway before the turn off to Mungo, dubbing itself the “gateway to Mungo”. We pulled into the Balranald Discovery Center only to read: Mungo National Park Closed.

The access roads to Mungo are unsealed and in times of wet conditions the council close these roads to prevent them from being trashed. 

Gutted. We looked for alternative routes, but nothing was open. We had two options a) wait around for the roads to bake out and then go to Mungo b) scratch Mungo off the itinerary and move on.

Given that it could take a number of days for option a to be possible we went with b. So we hit the road, again. 

We camped on the banks of Murry-Darling river at Wentworth. Nestled amongst the river red gum trees. 

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