#3 Silver City

A visit to the Perry Sandhills, which are massive sand dunes that are the highest point in the Wentworth area. A great place to watch the sunrise, if it were not for the clouds. 

Just a short drive today with only 3 hours up the Silver City Highway to Broken Hill. There ain’t much between the two towns, other than a road and a power line connecting the two. Although we did spot a few emus on the plains. 

Broken Hill is interesting. Embedded with a rooted history in mining but yet still so lived in. We paid a visit to the Miners Lode. A memorial built on top of the old mining tailings pile which towers above town. Hosting spectacular views over Broken Hill and the Outback that lay beyond. 

A heritage trail, that simply required walking around the block. Some old buildings, some new, some shabby, some dirty. I am not a town planner or and architect but Broken Hill has that very overused grid layout and it’s rather spread out. I reckon you could fit a tennis court across the width of the every road. So as you can imagine it was a large block this heritage walk. A couple of encounters with some of the locals. 

The living desert, 10 minutes out of BH. I thought it was class. It’s a hilly outback area with an informative walking trail through the native bush and the cultural sites of the area. I won’t bore you with it all, but Tess and I walked for hours amongst the hills. We stumbled across a little emu family, who didn’t hang around for a photo. 

We stayed at the campsite nearby, which had the greatest hot showers I have ever seen in a campsite. 

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