#1 And, we are off.

After a crisp winter weekend on the beaches catching up with friends and finalising bits for the van, we hit the road. Straight into Sydney Traffic. An anticlimax. With smooth navigating from Tess we whizzed through the suburbs of western Sydney and were soon on the Hume highway, Wagga Wagga bound. 

We never intended to spend much time in Wagga, I have already spent enough time there. Working. For us, a pit stop. Top the van up with some juice and stock up on food. A quick tour of the town to show Tess a few points of interest. 

It was evident that there has been plenty of rain in the Riverina region recently. Not just because the grass was so green but because there was water everywhere. The Wagga Wagga Beach was nowhere to be seen due to the Murrumbidgee River bursting its banks. Nonetheless, didn’t stop me having a sunbathe next to the river. 

Our afternoon objective: The Rock, Kengal Aboriginal Place. The Matthorn of the Riverina area a short drive west of Wagga, and you can’t miss it. As you approach it seems to just grow and grow on the horizon. Follow a day of driving we arrived about 4:30pm and would only have an hour so left of daylight. With it being a 2.5 hour hike to the summit it meant one thing: sunset. And didn’t it spoil us. A view of the sunset over the western plains, the adventure to come. 

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